Sentence completion test

What you need to do.

In this test you will be required to complete sentences, in each of which
one word is missing. Beneath each sentence there are five words.
Please choose from these words the one that completes the sentence best.
For each sentence there is only one correct solution.

Why we developed this test.

This test assesses your vocabulary as you will need to know what the
words mean in order to fill in the sentences correctly. We are
currently still at the development stage of the test. In order to
complete test development we need as many people's responses as
possible. Once we have completed test development we will be able to
give accurate feedback to participants and use the test in a number of
settings. At present we are not yet able to tell you precisely how
well you performed compared to others. You will, however, receive an
overall score when you have finished the test.

Here is some

more information concerning the test...

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